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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Update: 4pm August 3, 2005.

A spokesperson for the Marijuna Party states that both Marc and Greg remain in jail at this time. Efforts to secure bail in the complicated fashion required by the courts and outlined in the note below are still being arranged. It appears they have what they need for Marc and are waiting on one more condition to meet that required for Greg.

If you would like to help, contact Kirk Tousaw if you have property in BC, don't have a criminal record and want to be part of the bail. Kirk's email:


I found this on the web tonight at

Marc and Greg remain behind bars. The judge has stated five different property holders have to put up a bond for Greg and Marc requires four. Read this report from someone that was there to help today and left pretty frustrated.



my son and i spent the day at the court house ,emptied our pockets twice to go through the detectores ,80 people separated by half inch glass ,3 plasmas give spectators the veiw but there was marc,greg and later michele in front of us 5 feet away, looking very brave but also very vulnerable

it sounded ok,,,the american counsel says the undercover cop asks marc can i buy 10 pounds of pot ,then tells the judge marc says he doesnt do that ,,,we all got a chuckle out of it .

they gave greg 25,000 bail but had to be 5 guys saying they would sign for 5 grand

marc they ,,gez not they the yawny pudgy bully at the alter decreed that he was to have 4 property bonds at 10 grand each and 10 grand cash

at least it was bail and everyone was relieved ,,,it was short lived,,, after myself and 4 other comrades did the
forms and waited for the process through 2 different justice of the piece it got stupid,,,
now greg needed 5 property owners himself,,,,my son and i left defeated and angry ,gregs woman was devastated,, to be getting him out and then,,, forget it,,,
so there you have it they told me bring in the title to your property what you owe on it and an assessment
they are going to make it as hard as possible ,,

WITH OUT A DOUBT i think the 5 of us stepped up to fast ,,the judge said what he said ,,then changed it. i was there ,,,,,,they knew we would be able to scrap cash,,they were smart with this angle i hope it blows up in their face and people care that they are stuck there for seeds,,whats next bakers that put poppyseed on their buns,,,

so now we are going to find property owners ,,,most in our culture dont own anything or in my case it was stripped away and im doing what i can but,
how about it? is there anyone here that can help we need to get them out so that we all can be safer or we all better stop smoking pot,,,turn off mommy and daddy s computer and forget about really fighting for your rights unless its you they are coming for,,BAD BOY BAD BOY WHATCHAGONA DO WHEN THEY ARE AFTER YOU ,,,,,it seems from reading since my last post that either no one knows what to do or you love seeing your name in print i wont be here until i raise some help or money or get a letter printed in the paper for the hypnotized sheep,,i wish for one big cattle prod oh well im exhausted put off my own problems and im sorry to ramble i just thought you should all know......i think i can find some stock for the store,pipes and grinders that the store can sell this will be my goal now
i sure hope everyone that said they were going to sell an ounce and give it to them or mail money does because it would have broken your heart to see these people today as it did mine.....

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