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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Summer dull-drums

Thanks all for your comments on the post below, I am now off to Calgary as I mentioned on the Dazzlin Dino site, as part of the NDP advance guard. (I am just saying that just to throw off my Tory and Liberal friends as the guard has been there for awhile now)

My trusty new puppy Tigger (5 months old) will actually remain in BC looking after the NDP safehouse in Kelowna!

Regular blogging will occur here after my return from Texas north sometime Wednesday.

So much happening these days, BC teachers will take a strike vote, the Telus lockout is ongoing, the Prime Minister and the Liberals do summer camp in Regina (now that the lake has been cleaned up), Dick, Ralph, Mike and Gordo, the unMARX brothers, to do dinner with the Fraser Deinstituization, Doctors have been coming back to Canada since 1994, America uses hardwood to beat our softwood and same-sex christian marriage classes start up in United Alberta.

Harper evades e-coli and media this summer while showing off his figure (who dresses him?) in one of the most boring BBQ trips ever, Ujjal swings through reform country, the Thompson-Okanagan and says little new or old. A Rae of hope shines in Ontario, can Tommy Douglas be far behind?

The Toronto Maple Laughs look to be funnier than usual, will announce Dougie Gilmour is coming out of retirement to play with Keon and Senator Mahovlich. Aruba courts say government must acknowledge a dutch made lesbian marriage, the movie Cocktail theme song always was a fav of mine or was that just Tom. Heck if Ralph can do it so can Aruba.

Canada's most popular and quotable Mayor enters the red chamber, I guess if you have one, may as well have a straight (no pun intended though Larry has been on the cover of XtraWest a time or two) talking guys there like Larry, I will be watching the Senate these days, its about to wake up.

It has been a strange summer, the fall (of the Liberal government) will be no miss Cue as we are all snookered into an election with Gomery waiting in the shadows, Harper stumbling over the smell of Tory policy in Ontario and Layton hanging on.

My BC Bud tea leaves say another Liberal minority (Just kidding about the bud, can't get any seeds since the US MARCed us). You don't think my tea could affect my prediction do you?