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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Emery, The Political Prisoner

This is just it, Emery is the latest victim of the American War on Drugs.

Fellow blogger, Jason Cherniak has an excellent article on this matter. Check it out. I will be working with others to lobby the Canadian Justice Minister and Members of Parliament in the days ahead. Any ideas you have will be greatly appreciated.

Marc Emery is a political Prisoner

Canada is in the midst of a political debate regarding marijuana. The laws say it is illegal, but practice says that it is not and a majority of the population believe it should not be. We even have a marijuana party in Canada that garners some real sympathy from younger voters. Now, the leader of that party has been arrested. How can he be anything other than a political prisoner? - Jason Cherniak

In another development (put your tongue firmly in cheek)

In a surprise announcement today, Canada's Justice Minister Irwin Cotler promised increased co-operation with American authorities to track down and bring to justice Canadian citizens who are, as Cotler described them, "blatantly flouting American law and cowardly hiding behind the technicality that they happen to be Canadian citizens living in Canada while they do it." - Canadian Cynic

Thanks to Noel at for the tip in my comments section to Canadian Cynic's comments!

See also: RCMP, an extension of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration?
Can someone lucidly explain to me why the RCMP carried out the arrest of Marc Emery (and 2 others) for selling marijuana seeds? While this act is against the law in the United States, it is 100% LEGAL in Canada. Yes, Marc is one of the world’s biggest dealers of MJ seeds, and yes, he’s been dubbed the Prince of Pot, and yes, most of his internet sales are to the United States, but he isn’t breaking Canadian law. ~

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