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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bail for Prince of Pot

Emery free on Bail.

BC Supreme court today released Marc Emery on $50,000 bail. The decision was not unexpected by many of us, though the provision of an arrest warrant by another BC Supreme Court justice that led to Emery's arrest was a surprise.

Today Emery is free on bail after being arrested in Halifax by Canadian authorities acting on an American request. Canada's justice system has prevailed in the short term. Emery should never have been arrested in the first place. Canada has long gone away from these arrests yet they acted on this case. The actions of Canadian law enforcement here are suspicious and leads to a potential conspiracy that they did so in order to get Marc Emery, long thought of as a thorn in the side of the same law enforcement bodies.

Fueling the conspiracy argument, "Vancouver Constable Howard Chow told CTV News that Canadian law enforcement was approached by the DEA to aid in the investigation.

"The DEA came to us about a year ago surrounding Marc Emery and asked for our assistance in the criminal investigation that had to do with trafficking a controlled substance," Chow told News. "It's an ongoing investigation. There may be further charges that come out of this.

Emery's site has been operating for more than five years with no action being taken until today. "It just comes in terms of resources and priority. We get information and we act on it and we deal with it at that time," Chow said. "You can expect that anybody who engages in criminal activity on a high profile, such as Marc Emery does -- you're not going to expect to do it forever before you have to account for your actions." (Thanks to VanRamblings for the link)

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'Prince of Pot' freed on bail

Last updated Aug 2 2005 12:18 PM PDTCBC News
B.C. Marijuana Party president Marc Emery, who faces extradition to the U.S. on drug and money-laundering charges, has been granted bail.

and Simon Pole asks, "Where's Cotler?"

"Justice Minister Irwin Cotler has yet to comment on what has become the most high profile national legal case in Canada since the debate around Same Sex Marriage. This time the issue is pot, and the legal status of the sale of marijuana seeds...

...At the present time, it is de facto lawful to sell marijuana seeds in Canada, though the actual written law on the matter is vague (seeds must be "non-viable"). However, the Government of Canada itself, in its actions, seems to have given the okay for the sale of marijuana seeds. Health Canada has apparently been directing medicinal marijuana users to seed-selling websites like the one Mr. Emery runs so they can grow the medicine that alleviates the symptoms of their illness..."

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