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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Citizens Rule, An all anti-Campbell CD Compilation

Citizens Rule, An all anti-Campbell CD Compilation

I came across this CD Compilation that has a few rage tunes and good satire. It is for a good cause. One half of the proceeds go to anti poverty groups across BC.

Citizens Rule is a compilation of political satire and rage, 19 songs by all British Columbia musicians singing out against a slash-happy right wing Premier Gordon Campbell. Intended to bring voices into the election debate other than those of politicians, lawyers, and spin doctors, this diverse selection of musicians and songwriters speak from the heart instead of from well-scripted fact sheets.

Participants include D.O.A, Pete Campbell, Nuclear Weasel, Invisible Man, Todd Butler, Aging Youth Gang and more.

Citizens Rule CD available for purchase, instant payment via paypal, buy it for $10. CAD Postpaid, over half the money goes directly to anti-poverty groups around BC.

Or send $10. to Box 476 Parksville BC V9P 2G6

Available in stores throughout BC distributed by Scratch Records

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