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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cotler wants acceptance and Conservatives agree

Canadian Justice Minister, Irwin Cotler wants marriage commisioners to be allowed to say I don't to some Canadians that want to marry. This is a perversion of justice if the Minister gets his way. I can not accept the status of second class on this matter.

The Minister has been supporting this position for some time now. He cannot do anything on this as it is a matter for provincial governments. Cotler is trying to provide himself with political cover on the issue of equal marriage.

I came across Cotler's words on this in the Globe and Mail after my stroll through Tory Blog land this morning. There is quite a discussion happening at Angry in the Great White North. The War Room is particularily strong on his opposition to gay or same-sex marriage.

But some provinces, including Saskatchewan, have taken a hard line. Mr. Quennell, who did not return calls last week and is on vacation this week, issued a statement late last year saying marriage commissioners are expected to follow the law and could lose their jobs if they do not marry same-sex couples.

This is clearly a source of some frustration for Mr. Cotler. If there is a conflict between religion and equality rights, he said "there is a principle of reasonable accommodation. . . . One should be able to find a way of accommodating those who for reasons of conscience feel they don't want to perform a same-sex marriage." ~ Globe and Mail, July 19, 2005

The right to perform a civil marriage service in Canada should be extended only to those Canadians willing to perform them for any Canadian that wants to use the service. Sorry Mr. Nichols, but you can not accept a government appointment and then discriminate against citizens.

If you want to perform marriages for straight couples only then go do so within a church that has that position.

Check out the discussion at Angry in the Great White North. Be polite as always folks.

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