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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

"How'd They Vote?"

This is an interesting and useful site. Keeps track of who said what, who said the most, the least, how they voted and more. I was pointed to it by Lotuslander who was commenting on Langley Politics, a website on the right wing.

an example : Paul Szabo a Liberal MP from (ON) used up 107,873 words in the last session and Claudette Bradshaw another Liberal MP (NB) has said nothing to date!

From the source ...

"How'd They Vote?" aims to be a non-partisan website which provides a variety of in-depth information on the operations of the Canadian Parliament, specifically, how our politicians vote and what they've said. We take the Hansards from the parliament website, and extract information on bills, members of parliament, votes, and speeches. The Hansards are an excellent resource, but it is not the mandate of the parliament website to fully index the Hansards and extract every nugget of interesting information from them. was created in May 2005 by Cory Horner, with a small financial contribution by the ABC Theorists. In the interest of remaining non-partisan, we will aim to keep this site advertising-free by accepting donations to help offset our hosting costs, maintain the site, and add new features.

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