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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wal-Mart onto Rollback OfferingTM?

Wal-Mart satire?

A hilarious post of note...

Part of me really wanted to believe...

Wal-Mart chapels will offer something no traditional church can boast of: the Rollback OfferingTM.

"Most churches ask for 10 percent of your income," he said. "Not Wal-mart, though. With our Rollback OfferingTM , you only have to give 5 percent to God each week. Wal-mart wants to be the low price leader in every area of your life, even those areas involving God."~

This satire came to me by a visit to Technically Unsophisticated, who like me wants to believe,

"I seriously hope* that this is some sort of joke by the author. I don't see a link to an original article..."

"I guess in primarily Catholic South La., the bishop will have to assign a priest to the "Wal-Mart Chapel" . What will the chapel be called "St. Sam's" , "St. Walton's" , or "Our Lady of the Super Center" ?"

I can see Mr. Walton's team of negotiators using their famed squeeze play on religious suppliers, wanting shorter services each year, more miracles per customer, you can take or leave it, the Buddhists (from China of course) have an attractive offer if you can't supply. Mr. Dobson would have to make amends with SpongeBob Square pants first, now that is a meeting I would look forward too, because you just know he would deal.

* The author at says "This blog is made up of parodies and satires. For the love of God, don't come here looking for actual facts and information."

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