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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Vernon BC ~ Mayor Harvey under investigation

Vernon BC ~ Mayor Harvey under investigation

UPDATE: Mayor Harvey has resigned. CBC reported July 11, 2005
"I have misused my expense account, and when confronted about it, out of fear, I lied." Sean Harvey, former Mayor of Vernon

Harvey says he took power for granted and that the line blurred between his personal and his political life. Harvey still faces a criminal investigation for fraud. He promises he will repay the money, and says he will co-operate with an RCMP investigation. admitting Harvey made the admission after walking into the Vernon council chamber on Monday afternoon flanked by members of his family.


The Mayor of the City of Vernon BC, (north of Kelowna approximately 45km.) is under police investigation over fraudulent expense claims. Sean Harvey has admitted to claiming expenses for dinners with dignitaries that did not take place. Harvey told reporters he was meeting with investors that did not want to be identified yet. Other expenses for the Mayor are now under review.

The City Council has voted to ask Harvey to step down while the investigation is underway. Earlier this year the Mayor was under investigation with respect to a potential conflict of interest. The Mayor was cleared of those allegations.

Some of the meeting Mayor Harvey billed for were with Mayor Walter Gray of Kelowna and RCMP Superintendent Don Harrison according to CHBC TV. Gray and Harrison were not in attendance on the dates claimed for by Harvey. Expenses amounting to $24,000 may be suspect according to a report on Castanet in Kelowna.

Sean Harvey is the youngest Mayor in Vernon's history at 34 years of age. Read the Mayor's official bio here.

See CBC story: Vernon mayor under police investigation

More background information soon


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