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Friday, July 01, 2005

Monthly Traffic Approaches 100,000 at

PEJ News (Peace, Earth and Justice) began just over a year ago. The site provides an alternative window to news and opinion not available generally in mainstream corporate media. The site provides original and reprinted material form all over the world. Focus has been on Canada and the United States and the interaction these countries policies and action have on our communities and the world.
PEJ News traffic has been increasing substantially since the new year began.
98,841 visitor sessions in June 2005
hits per hour
7.8 gigabytes of data
7.22 stories read per visitor
23% growth in readership over the previous month
240% growth over the last six months

Not bad for a volunteer-run non-profit news organization! Fox News look out. (Fox's ratings are down. Credibility problems perhaps?)

PEJ News has published a free email news service since 1996 and started its successful web service in January 2004. Again for free, with all 2,400 stories and more available in the public Archives.

The non-profit"Prometheus Institute", is the publisher of PEJ News, and is an incorporated British Columbia Society.

Prometheus Institute

The corporate registration was accepted on January 10, 2005 (Society Number S-48552). The purposes of Prometheus Institute are...

a. To sponsor and foster public education and scientific research respecting security, health, the environment and justice, in British Columbia and elsewhere,

b. To disseminate educational materials to the citizens of British Columbia, Canada and other nations,

c. To publish in the public domain,

d. To provide for the relief of poverty,

e. To assist other organizations with similar programs and aims.

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