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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Tax status, Religion and Non-profits

Charities may engage in limited, non-partisan political activities. Groups receiving coveted special tax treatment must abide by these guidelines to maintain this special status.

Every time someone makes a donation of cash or in kind to a charitable organization, it is tax deductible for the individual. The real effect here is a transfer of money from the entire taxpaying population to support charity.

There are many different charities in Canada. Obvious ones familiar to most of us include religious groups like the Catholic church, Mennonites and the Salvation Army, The United Way, AIDS organizations, Boys and Girls clubs etc make up the familiar list.

Other organizations you may not know that have this special tax status include the National Citizens Coalition, Canadian Taxpayers Federation, The Council of Canadians, The Fraser Institute, Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere (Egale) and Focus on the Family.

Every one of these groups are subsidized by you and I through our taxes. Each group is permitted to spend up to 10% of their funds in political non-partisan efforts. You can be forgiven for thinking that all these groups spend a great deal more on political issues and they do, so how do they keep their status.

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