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Thursday, July 07, 2005

A bolt fell out, Cotter missing

A bolt fell out.

In simple words that is why the BC Ferry Queen of Oak Bay lost power and ended up parked over top of 24 other boats in Horseshoe Bay.

Asked if the missing cotter pin was a result of the refit, BC Ferries’ President & CEO, David L. Hahn said they did not know. He explained that the bolt could have been missing the pin since refit and then worked its way out over the course of two weeks.

Hahn confirmed the 35 million dollar refit was not conducted by BC Ferries but at a private shipyard.

The Queen of Oak Bay went through sea trails yeaterday and today and has been declared safe to return to service. That is expected to happen Friday, July 8, 2005.

From BC Ferries News Release ...

"A control arm connecting the engine speed control device to the engine fuel rack disconnected
when a nut came off the attachment bolt. A cotter pin that is normally in place to prevent the nut fromcoming off the bolt was missing. The disconnection of the bolt allowed the propulsion system to overspeed. Protective devices known as “over-speed trips” subsequently engaged and led to the shut downof the propulsion system. The disconnection of the bolt is now under review."

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