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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Not all BC Ferries cruising the Straits

Note: BC Ferries slogan some years ago, "Cruise the Straits with BC Ferries"

Update July 6: BC Ferries now in negotiations with boat owners, the Premier said it was the NDP's fault then kinda recanted when asked if it shouldn't have been fixed during the $35 million midlife refit that took place a few weeks ago.

The Transportation Safety Board stated the Queen of Oak Bay lost power, "This was caused by a disengagement of the clutch leading to a loss of propulsion," said Ginette Thibodeau, one of three TSB personnel studying the accident. The Ferry will taken on sea worthy trials this week, and maybe back into service in days if all goes well.

Now of course there is a the mess to clean up. BC Ferries will need to address the loss of income to several boaters, damaged boats and the issue of the Horseshoe Bay Ferry terminal being located in such a busy and small harbour. Lets hope that can deal fairly with all those involved.

BC Ferries is also expected to announce the winning bid on a smaller class ferry, one which many people have speculated was going to a Polish firm. The announcement was speculated to have been put off until after the election. We are now well past that date, what happened? Politics in BC will have more on tendered and untendered contracts at BC Ferries soon.


Update June 30, 2005 : You can find a web cam for Horseshoe Bay here. I believe that is the Queen of Oak Bay you see. It would be in berth one.

By now many of of you have heard about BC Ferries ship the Queen of Oak Bay losing power and drifting into a marina at Horseshoe Bay. The area for those unfimilar is located just north and west of Vancouver. The harbour is a small sheltered cove that has seen increasing traffic from private users and BC Ferries.

Early accounts so far seem to indicate the Captain of the Vessel determined he had to steer clear of the BC Ferry dock and chose to go into the small marina. It is evident that had the Ferry gone into the dock many serious injuries would have occured. No injuries or loss of life have been reported.

The Ferry lost power at approximately 10:10 this morning.

For updates go to BC Ferries website, this was on the site a few minutes ago...

"BC Ferries will provide continuous service between Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay, Horseshoe Bay-Langdale and Horseshoe Bay-Bowen Island to accommodate waiting traffic, rather than maintain its posted schedule for those routes."

I must say this is good news for many, especially on this Canada Day Weekend. BC Ferries despite a few problems getting the message out earlier today, has picked up and is delivering news and from the sound of it, passengers and cars to and from Horseshoe Bay.

Just days ago, BC Ferry users gave the private crown corporation an 88% approval rating. See Canned West news item here.

see some of the video, pictures and other reports in the links of today's crash can be found below...

BCTV (Global TV) Queen of Oak Bay crash (Home Video)

For Global's report on the accident: ,

See Images from CBC of Ferry Crash.

CBC ~ Ferry hits marina, no one hurt An B.C. Ferry smashed into dozens of boats at the marina next to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal on Thursday morning. But there were no deaths or injuries. FULL STORY

CNN saw a "Ferry slam into a yacht club" in Vancouver? Close enough, it was a marina in Horseshoe Bay as we all know.

Bloggers on the story out here include new Progressive Blogger What the Deuce? Ferry crash and Vancouver Blogger The Inquisitive Engineer has a little too.


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