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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Stevenson gains support from Community

Stevenson's petition to the BC Supreme Court is supported by Jim Deva, board member on the Davie Street Business Improvement Association, Blair Petrie, founder of the Mole Hill Housing Society, and Elaine Peacock, member of the board at the 411 Seniors' Centre.

"I support this court action. It is simply not acceptable to carry on when the democratic will of the people in this riding is left unknown because of the errors of Elections BC," said Deva. "It is only reasonable that a legitimate election now be held."

Note: Jim Deva is one of the owners of Little Sisters Bookstore on Davie Street in Vancouver, Blair Petrie has been one of the leading advocates for affordable housing and saving Mole Hill. Elaine is a long time community leader.

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