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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Timeshare Medicine comes to BC

Look, a new health care clinic has opened in Vancouver. It provides access to doctors for as little as $2300 annually. It is ironic the Clinic opens the same day we get the final numbers for the BC Election. I know it may not have been planned that way, but it does look a little weird when we have just re-elected the biggest privatizer of healthcare in Canada.

Some questions need to be answered by our BC Liberal government...

When was the health minister Shirley Bond aware this clinic was opening?
How many more clinics are planned?
Did the BC Liberals ask the company to wait until after the election to open?
It will be interesting to see the reaction of the BC Liberals too this one.

The company, The Copeman Healthcare Centre will not be catering to the average Joe six pack, or the person on disability. Just your run of the mill rich dudes. The BC Nurses Union says the clinic violates the spirit of public health care. "Buying more access to doctors "timeshare" medicine. You can buy a membership into a club of people, who can have better health care than other people. And it clearly sets up a system of elitism," the president of the BCNU told CBC today.

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