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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Men together create Nightmares for Tories

Same Sex Marriage will destroy the country. Or that is what some Conservative Members of Parliament would have us believe. For the last few months we have heard Conservatives say there are more important issues out there than same-sex marriage. Their actions tell us another story.

Have the Conservatives put up an alternative budget? Have they told us what should done about healthcare? What about national security, foreign aid? They spout off now and again, yet no alternative is ever offered or suggested. About the only thing one can get a firm hard opinion on is same-sex marriage.

The Harper led Tories have managed to allow Martin and the federal Liberals to go about their business while the visions of two men kissing prance around in heads of sleeping conservative Tories. Nightmares inducing even more questions like "geesh they do that in bed, why'd you have to go and tell me?

Now it appears affordable housing, environment and foreign aid are at risk of losing a substantial amount of funding due to Tory Nightmares.

Of course there would be more substantive reasons for Harper to make defeating the budget a priority if the same-sex bill is passed. Things like, We never allowed this before; God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve; Who will wear the dress; George Bush will laugh at us; Its just not right (cover your eyes); my marriage will be worthless if they get to marry (kinda like you are not a big kid yet so sit in the backseat); gays can already marry, just as long as it is someone of the opposite sex.

Come to think of it, its the vision of gay men having sex that is behind all the conservative and christian activists bitter fight over an issue that is supposedly not that important. The Church likes to control sex more than any other thing. They lay out all these codes. All the rules that actually prevent people from ever thinking that sex might be fun. After all sex has only one role in our life, to procreate. That means women must bear children and lots of them as her hubby wants to procreate lots.

Of course like all rules there are exceptions, like older people that can't have children can marry, young people don't need to have kids, people unable to procreate can marry.

So same-sex marriage which isn't all that important to Conservatives will be the reason many people will be without affordable housing for years to come. So much for family values.

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