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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Layton on top in BC

The latest Ipsos-Reid poll of BC indicates Stephen Harper has fallen greatly and Jack Layton has gained significantly in approval rating.
Stephen Harper (38%) trails Jack Layton (63%) and Paul Martin (53%) in Job Approval. Stephen Harper's approval rating as federal Leader of the opposition is plummeting in British Columbia. His current approval rating of 38% is down 14-points from March (52%). Only 6% of BC voters "strongly approve" of Harper's performance, while three-in-ten (31%) "moderately approve". The majority of BC residents disapprove (57%, up 15 points) of Harper's performance, including one-third (32%) who "strongly disapprove" and one-quarter (25%) who "moderately disapprove". ~ Ipsos-Reid poll, June 21, 2005

The NDP stand poised to taking the middle of the road voter in BC if Layton can turn his personal approval into seats. The Conservatives are going to lose seats in BC, likely in urban centres and the Kootenays. The test for Layton and company will come soon. Can they transfer the good will they currently have with voters into seats or will Martin be able to con voters again with his scare tactics.

The time has come for Layton to start fighting the next election to be the party with the most seats. Go get them Jack!