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Monday, June 20, 2005

Kelowna Council Supports Bill C-48

The Kelowna City Council has passed a motion supporting the passage C-48, the federal NDP's budget amendment. One councillor, Ron Cannon attempted to defer the motion until the federal government would supply more specific information on where the money would be spent. Cannon clearly was acting in the interest of his party and not Kelowna residents.

I have some of the comments listed below...

Councillor Sheppard: supports passing the Bill C-48 and asked that the BC Government move to a more broader support than just seniors housing.

Cannon (Federal Conservative Candidate for Kelowna Lake Country for the coming election) : raises concerns about the bill... states that it will give the government a blank cheque. Wanted to defer the motion of support for the Bill.

Hobson: says this is important motion but supports the motion. I would hate politics to become involved. This is becoming a huge problem in our community, we need housing for the working poor, our kids will not be able to stay here as they won't be able afford housing.

Clarke: We better get cracking.

Horning: FCM put this together, now send a letter to your MP, so lets support them. New money on our behalf .

Mayor Walter Gray: Supports the bill, new money, lets get on with it.

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