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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Young life lost after Kelowna boat accident

Last evening at about 11:00pm a houseboat capsized on Okanagan Lake. It occurred in calm water after just leaving th dock in Kelowna. The boat had over sixty people on board, likely twice as many as it was licensed for.
"It was a clear indication that we probably should have taken some people off," - Deon Edwards on Castanet, June 9, 2005

The scene this morning on Okanagan Lake, Kelly Hayes Photo

Castanet, a local news outlet reported...
"The water was calm at the time. The exact number of people on board is not known, but police say 60 people that were on board have been accounted for. One woman is in critical condition. It's reported that rescue crews are currently waiting for a second man of a dive team to do a underwater search to confirm all made it to safety. The houseboat was reported to be overloaded as it's capacity is only 30 people."

Word has just come that a 19 year old woman died. CBC reports this afternoon...
"She was pulled from inside the vessel early Thursday morning, given CPR and taken to hospital where she had remained in critical conditon. She died Thursday afternoon"

The group was getting together to celebrate a birthday. Perhaps another case of water and alcohol going wrong. My thoughts are with the 19 year old's family and friends.

With a 20 year old daughter of my own, I know today's news will be devastating for them. If you have a child or someone close, give them a hug because you never know when it will be needed or remembered.

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