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Sunday, June 12, 2005

PEJ News posts strong opinion

From PEJ News, we have this opinion ...

The Corporate destruction of health care in Canada by Jack Etkin,

"... Almost half of this money has gone directly to more spending on drugs - in other words we are taking money from our hospitals and putting it in the pockets of the drug companies ... while the Media tells us 'spending is up'. It is up, but they never tell us where it's going - and where it isn't going."

Check out the rest, opinion not meant for the faint of heart...
... Unless you have the insurance and live in Quebec that is.

There's more at PEJ News from Joan Russow (PhD) - Global Compliance Research Project:

The recent decision of the Supreme Court creates an immediate imperative to address key issues in health promotion and disease prevention. For too long the emphasis in Canada has been on remediation rather than on precaution and prevention. By ignoring precaution and prevention, the Canadian governments have contributed rather than resolve problems related to health and health care:
exorbitant costs, untimely care, and untenable and unethical choices .
... the rest of the article is found right here!

and a sad reflection on his birthday,

"To celebrate my birthday I drove past the hospital I was born in, St Mary's in New Westminster. Unfortunately all I could think of was the line from Joni Mitchell's song where she sings, "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot" as I looked at the wreckage of a once functioning hospital." ~ by, June 11, 2005

Save St. Paul's Hospital from BC Liberal supported move ...

And the latest threat to good community healthcare is in Vancouver. Liberal MLA Lorne Mayencourt, aware that the Ministry of Health has been in discussions with Providence Health care to move St. Paul's Hospital finally came out in support of keeping it in the Westend during the recent BC election. Mayencourt who won the election by just 11 votes, has promised to resign if his government moves St. Paul's Hospital. Click here for more on this and access to an online petition.