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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Harper's Tories not "Stronach" enough

Now we have the tough cranky guy of talk radio in British Columbia telling us what everyone else knows except Stephen Harper and his dower group of Jesus soldiers.

Rafe Mair, BC's toughest radio host has been saying a few things other than his famous rants against the BC Liberals expansion of Fish Farms. Mair a former Social Credit Cabinet Minister and long time radio personality takes time out to explain why the federal conservatives can not win the next election. Mair now writes a regular column for The

One point this blog From the Heartlands and Progressive Bloggers have been making for sometime is backed up by Mair here ...
"...All across the country they are nominating or are about to nominate right wing Christians. I’ll get into why that’s a bad thing in a later column but let it be said that the right wing political agenda is not that of the average Ontarian who is not going to let gay marriages bother him too much and certainly isn’t going to return to the pre Morgenthaler days on the abortion issue...."

Mair also points out the Conservatives blew the Belinda Stronach situation. Her importance to the party was dismissed by the hard line western posse running the show from Calgary...
"...First of all, while Stephen Harper might make a great front man for a funeral parlour, he’s no political leader. He can’t control his own caucus. Losing Belinda Stronach was a big owie and it should have been avoided. If not avoidable, it was predictable, and any handling of the situation would have been better than how the Tories did it..."

The Conservatives are proving again they are out of step with the people of Canada. They will elect 70 to 80 MP's this time. 20 to 30 fewer than they have now. They will accomplish this by winning 45% of the vote in Alberta and 40% in Saskatchewan and 30% in BC and Ontario. Harper's posse will be wiped out again in Quebec and will be lucky to hold onto a few Atlantic Canada seats they have now.

Rafe Mair tells it like it is, from an unabashed BC perspective. Mair is no buddy of the Liberal Party. He joins a growing crowd of folks, people that will vote for the groups or person with the best chance of defeating Harper's local candidate for Morality Sheriff.

For more on Stephen Harper, Conservatives, Christians, Evangelicals, and the right wing use the Technorati search box in the sidebar. You can find more on Harper and gay rights, gay, same sex or civil marriage at Queer Thoughts.

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