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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

State's justification of Christian hate

This photo is from Fred Phelps of God hates Fags fame. He in my opinion is the least dangerous man of "god". At least we know where he stands. James Dobson, Bishop Fred Henry and Jerry Falwell are far more insidious. Putting things in terms of protecting the family, using pictures of happy white middle class families in their promotions.

Martin's amendments lead to this

One of the proposed amendments...
"Religious educational institutions will still be allowed to preach that homosexuality is against God's law, without being subject to hate crime laws." Text of possible amendment to Bill C-38 Prime Minister Martin is proposing

Martin made this proposal along with a few others. The effort was made to keep some Liberals opposed to same-sex marriage from leaving the Liberal party to join the Conservatives or sit as independents.

It would appear that it is Martin's wish to stay in power at any cost. This amendment may well be unconstitutional and as religion falls largely under provincial jurisdiction unenforceable. I am not a constutional expert so if I am wrong please let me know.

We have been fighting against church run hatred for years. It is Church bigotry that is leading the charge against same-sex marriage. It is large American Christian activist groups that are funding the fight in Canada against same-sex marriage.

Now the Liberal Prime Minister is offering anti-gay Christian Activist organizations a right to never before offered anywhere before in Canada. He is saying they can continue to spread their message of hate.

Now I know the Prime Minister is not wanting this to happen and may be acting "pragmatically" to pass gay marriage and have his government survive. Pragmatic politicians have done too much harm to the queer communities in the past. He need not have offered this amendment. He could have said the constitution offers freedom of religion. To put this in a bill will be adding fuel and the State's justification of Christian hate of queer people.

UPDATE June 9, 2005: Some people have taken this post as my attitude toward all Christians, I do not mean to do that. Many Christians do support gay marriage, many may not want gay marriage, but they would not "use hate" in their battle to keep it out. Still many in the Christian faith hold beliefs and promote the kind of hate I refer too above. I continue to reserve a right to speak out against their version of Love, Family and Community.

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