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Friday, June 17, 2005

Did Sindi Hawkins mislead Kelowna voters?

Sindi Hawkins removes herself from contention

Amazing that the former Minister of Health Planning has taken herself out of the running for cabinet was a surprise to many in the Interior. For the first time in a long while Kelowna under a right wing government does not have a Cabinet minister.

Hawkins held a pretty important job when the Liberals were elected in 2001. As Minister of Health Planning she was responsible for putting in place the planning required to sustain BC's Public health care. On her watch things went from bad to worse. How the heck could that happen at a time when the federal government was passing billions of more dollars back to the provinces.

Her failure is evident in every part of the Interior. Hospitals closed, long-term care beds eliminated, waitlists longer today than four years ago, a health board that is accountable to no one, making many decisions in private, hallway healthcare now the standard at Kelowna General and other hospitals, emergency room overcrowding, the list goes on.

So was she dumped by the Premier? Dropping a Minister from Kelowna that has sent right wingers to Victoria since Christ came to town is rare.

Did she really say she wanted to be left off the list due to her health? If so why did she not tell the voters of Kelowna Mission she would not be able to take on the role of a Cabinet minister if re-elected?

One possible good thing is she should be in town more often, should be able to respond to citizens issues, be available for public accountability meetings, meet with constituents, and perhaps even return emails, letters and phone calls.

Is the coffee on at the office Sindi? I may be by for a cup or two.

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