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Friday, June 17, 2005

Christian Activist, Kempling loses in Court

Christian Activist loses in Court, AGAIN!

The BC Court of Appeal dismissed Quesnel school teacher, Chris Kempling's attempt to reverse a lower court decision that found he had overstepped his bounds as a teacher when he expressed his anti gay views in the media.

This case was well funded and supported by Christian Activist organizations across Canada and I suspect from the United States. The people operating Defend Marriage, an umbrella group of Christian activists and social conservatives, make up a major piece of the support for Kempling, an out spoken Christian activist from Quesnel BC, who maintains his christian views do not affect youth in the Quesnel School District, even when he writes those views to local and national media.

See more on the case at Queer Thoughts along with Kempling's response to my post of April 6, 2005, Anti-gay counsellor suspended again.

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