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Monday, June 20, 2005

Parliament agrees to time to Debate Bill C-38 and C-48

The Federal Liberals have placed a motion on the table to extend the current session to ensure C-48 (NDP Budget Amendment) AND C-38 (Civil Marriage Act) are passed. Liberal MP Valeri is on TV right now saying in no uncertain terms the house will sit until there is a vote on 3rd reading of C-38.

The NDP, the Bloc, and Stephen Harper agreed with the decision to extend the session. Are we seeing the new kinder gentler Stephen Harper here -- the house will now sit extra days as needed.

The House may not need to be extended if the Conservatives provide only the bare minimum of speakers. They could do this based on the amount of debate that has already been put forward.

If the Harper led Conservatives do this, it is possible that Royal Assent to the bills could be received prior to July, 1, Canada Day. The New Harper ought to like this as it gives him more time on the BBQ summer circuit.

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