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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Would Klein say yes to Ashley?

Less than 24 hours after the vote, Alberta Premier Ralph Klein is admitting defeat. He has for some strange reason, reason beyond what I can understand stood squarely opposed to equal marriage.

Polls taken in Alberta over the last few years have indicated most Albertans are opposed to the idea of same-sex marriage. The numbers opposed have been falling but it may be a few more before it does move to the majority side of the ledger. Typically it is older people that tend to be opposed and younger generation supportive.

Klein is now saying the government of Alberta may get out of the marriage business all together, having the province recognize civil unions, leaving marriage to religious orders. That could be an interesting turn for the province.

''We simply wouldn't be involved in the solemnization of marriage,'' ~ Premier Ralph Klein, CBC, June 29, 2005

Alberta should now do what every other jurisdiction in Canada will do and move onto looking after the business of health care. Same-sex marriage has allowed people like Ralph Klein to make a lot of noise, divert attention from problems else where. Klein admits, ''There are no legal weapons. There's nothing left in the arsenal, we're out on a lurch.''

Klein could put this all to bed by toasting Ashley MacIsaac of Canadian fiddler fame. MacIassc talking about marriage last November and maybe getting married in Alberta someday, said...

"I'd love to have him (Ralph Klein) make a toast."

MacIssac was asked why he speaking out about Alberta's position o­n gay marriage. "... because Alberta artists haven't. If Jann Arden doesn't stand up and scream her head off as a rich Alberta artist, then me, as a lowly Cape Bretoner, I have to open my mouth," he said. "People should be screaming against this premier and his obviously anti-homosexual views," ~ MacIsaac to CP Reporter, November 19, 2004

For more information on equal, gay and or same-sex marriage, the civil marriage act, Paul Martin, Jack Layton, Stephen Harper, Conservatives, Bishop Henry, Evangelicals, James Dobson use the Technorati search box in the side bar here and at Queer Thoughts.

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