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Friday, June 24, 2005

A Blogging Good Day for Lefties!

What a day, I cannot wipe the smile off my face today. Two of the three major issues in the country for the last three months have been the NDP Budget amendment, the Civil Marriage Act and the Supreme Court decision on Healthcare.

Harper can now go on the BBQ circuit with hopes high that support and humiliation cannot get any lower. His ego may have got in the way of some rational thought about why he is in Ottawa. Perhaps some Anger Management would be a good place to start for our not so progressive Conservatives this summer.

"The Conservatives, to their great misfortune, are doing a fine job of impersonating petulant children. They insist on getting their way, and when they fail to get it, they throw tantrums, and talk about corruption, crooks, liars, and Hannibal Lecter. And just like spoiled children, they then wonder why they aren't winning any sympathy." ~ Amazing Wonderdog (saving Timmy but can't save Stevie)

The big winner among the political parties last night was the NDP...

"I've also got to give kudos to Jack Layton. He went to Ottawa as a used car salesman but has, instead, become the most successful NDP leader of all time. I really don't care how many seats he has won. I don't even care if he loses his seat next time. The fact of the matter is that he is the first NDP leader to actually implement part of his agenda at the federal level. This is probably the only time that the NDP gotten anything of their agenda without the Liberals stealing it for themselves." ~ Progressive Blogger, Jason Cherniak from Halifax

One more on Harper. All of this anger, frustration can lead someone to drink. Seeing as you are from Alberta there is also a better than even chance you like to gamble. In fact we have watched you throw the dice a good number of times this passed couple of months, each time you lost, each time you may have been tempted to turn to the bottle. I expect there should be a few Liver problems for the Conservative bunch soon. Careful on the gambling stuff dude!

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