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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cycling coalition not happy with Bridge

Don Knox of the Kelowna Cycling Coalition says that the bridge will not have bicycle lanes on each side and that will create a danger for riders. This morning Knozx told CBC that the planning committee for the new bridge had recommended elevated lanes be added, one on each side to accommodate and provide adequate safety for riders.

In a letter Knox received from now Minister Falcon (November 2004) he was told the second lane would not be included due to cost. Knox is rightfully upset with the BC Government's decision. The bridge is planned to be operational for the next 50 years. Growing bicycle traffic will be discouraged from using the bride, those that do will face additional safety risks crossing five lanes of traffic.

The bridge itself is expected to cost over 120 million dollars. Why can't they find money for a second lane.

One wonders if the Liberals have just forgotten to consult with all users or deemed some less worthy of input.

Cycling coalition

The Cycling coalition represents the interests of local cyclists and works to secure recognition in policy and programs affecting cycling.

All area cyclists are invited to join the Cycling Coalition which meets the first Thursday of every month at 4:00 p.m. at City Hall (Room #3). For more information about the Cycling Coalition please contact the Regional TDM Technician. The Regional TDM Technician attends all Cycling Coalition meetings and acts as a liaison between the Cycling Coalition and the City/Region.

Goals and Objectives:

To promote the use of the bicycle and ensure its recognition in legislation and policy
To integrate cycling into the transportation network and secure public investments in on-road and off-road infrastructure proportionate to its potential
To instigate a provincial role in promoting cycling consistent with its health, recreation, economic and environmental benefits
To raise the profile of cycling with government and improve its image and status with the public
To pursue cycling safety through education and example
To promote co-operation, safety and respect among all road users
To encourage more people to ride bicycles more often.

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