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Friday, June 10, 2005

Three Canadian Classics

Oh, the ol' GreyWall's got support from leader Steve Harpoon,
Backin' up his star buffoon, better smell the coffee soon.

The ol' GreyWall's got support from leader Steve Harpoon,
He's about the only one.

Now, ol' GreyWall is neck-deep in another mess,
No wonder he's feelin' stress, did he or did he not invest?

Fifty-thousand bucks, in one day and out the next.
Welcome to Canadee.
- The Ol' Grey Wall (he ain't what he useta be)

For more of this new tune check out JimBobby Sez who by popular demand is a somewhat new (to us, I suspect he has been around the block) Canadian Classic. He has an audio rendition to listen too as well. Be careful as we in the Heartlands can not verify if the tape is recut, dubbed or a re-released version of the original.

For the more serious side of Grewal we send you to the newest bright star of Canadian blogging, Buckets of Grewal.

Finally one Traditional Canadian Classic, (he is old enough to be Classic and has a Broadbent for justice) who is trying in Parliament to get to the bottom of the sordid tales of bribes and deals surrounding Grewal, Ujjal, Martin, Harper and Murphy.

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