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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Gay Dad's in Canada vs America

"Gay" Fathers Day in Canada vs America

Today being Fathers day I consider myself lucky to live in Canada and to be more precise, to live in BC where queer parents have the same rights as straight parents. All of this did not happen by accident.

In most of Canada today gay parents are on equal footing with straight parents. That is not the case in Alberta, but then they still think of themselves as being more intune with what I will call American or social conservative values.

The battle for gay marriage is one of the last hurdles in equality for gay or queer families in this country. The success of Bill C-38 is vital for many gay Canadians. The change will bring provinces like Alberta into the new age, though I expect there will be one heck of a lot of kicking and screaming.

Father's Day in Canada vs Father's Day in America as it affects gay men is much different. Judges use the Bible, antiquated laws and use James Dobson as a source for advice. The Christian Activist is everywhere it counts in America. They are Judges, Mayors, Congressmen and President. All of it disguised as "Family Values".

Check out my article at Queer Thoughts on the Family Values approach to parenthood. If the values expressed there are family, then I have never lived in such a family nor would I want too.

It is a day to be proud of being a Canadian and a father.

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