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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Gordon Campbell has stuff in the Closet?

The Republic asks some good questions about the media and their relationship to BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell.

Is Gordon Campbell a "made man" reposted at Peace, Earth and Justice News (PEJ News)

The Republic - by Kevin Potvin: The media establishment in British Columbia is infamous for its vicious aim when it comes to public figures caught in the headlights of scandals. Or rather, it used to be. In the past, politics in BC was universally regarded as a blood sport, and that blood—usually that of whomever the sitting Premier of the day was—was largely spilled down the blades of grinning media hacks. But during the last four years, despite a thick odour of scandal wafting over the province, Gordon Campbell and the Liberals have miraculously escaped the slightest nick.

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