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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Get on with it Prime Minister!

The Liberals have a new found commitment to pass the same-sex marriage bill. Who can trust these guys? I expect they will get it done, its just amazing how much they change their minds.

The NDP and the Bloc have been solid in their support for the bill. The Martin government has been playing games and appear only to be ready now to get the marriage bill passed due to the pressure they have received in the media.

Frankly I am getting more than ticked off by their playing around on this issue. Can you believe Paul Martin? Do any of us out here really think he cares about gay rights? He has made it the difference between himself and Stephen Harper. Then get on with it Mr. Prime Minister.

I harken back to the Prime Minister's speech on the legislation. He referred to religious freedom more often that he did about the equality the legislation was meant to address.

Davies said there's no way the Liberals can back out of their commitment to passing same-sex marriage now.

"If Mr. Valeri goes back on his word, not only would he have us and the Bloc furious at him, I think he would have a huge credibility problem," Libby Davies ~ CNEWS Canada

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