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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Political leaders are managers lacking vision

I read today and I can not find it perhaps at Progressive bloggers a statement attributed to Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau is to have said this week, "Today's leaders are managers, they lack vision and passion." That quote is not exact and if any of you out there find it, please pass it along.

Look at Paul Martin. He is like a CEO. Joe Clark exhibited more passion for Canada and our future than Martin. Stephen Harper is about as passionate as Bob Stanfield and that maybe because Harper is still wearing the Stanfield's longjohns. He is a warm as an ice cube in your freezer.

Ask yourself when was the last time they said something that got you up out of your seat? Okay that maybe tough, try this. When was the last time they said anything about what the future could be like in our country?

Where are the Trudeau, Douglas, Deifenbaker type speakers. These men all had a vision of this country. They all spoke with passion. They all were successful, so why have we chosen leaders that couldn't get passionate even if they took a whole year's supply of viagra.

The current and future leaders of the Liberal party, Martin, McKenna and Manley all look like they are more comfortable in some boardroom making decisions then coming out to the shareholders with a blank cheque to be signed. Its not that they are bad people, far from it, they just don't make great leaders.

Now look to the Conservatives. Preston had ten times the passion that Stockwell or Harper can muster combined. Peter McKay, Harper and Monte Solberg, now there is a trio's album you would rush out to buy so you could use it for putting yourself to sleep.

Lets not forget the NDP. Layton is by far the most exciting and charismatic of the three federal leaders. I am pretty sure most of you will agree with that. Layton, Nathan Cullen, and Peter Julian have the potential to lead, yet few of us hear from anyone but Jack.

Go to the webpages of these three parties. Which one most clearly defines a vision for the future. The Liberals point to the past with a link to something about Trudeau, they have a picture of Martin with Aboriginal leaders. The slogan is "Building Tomorrow's Canada".

The Conservative page leads with the slogan "Stand Up for Canada". The rest of the page consists of Conservatives slamming the Liberals. Nothing about a future.

The NDP do offer something different. It has a positive message, "Getting results for people". The site also points to NDP initiatives, something refreshing and lacking or confusing on the other two political party sites.. The site is also easier to navigate.

I know I am not unbiased in looking and or commenting on this stuff. I am firmly in the NDP camp. Still have a look for yourself.

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