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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Brian Mulroney look like Tommy Douglas?

Fellow progressive blogger, Bruce at Canuck Attitude points us to this great piece from Mark Leiren-Young. Mark spent time in the Heartlands of BC, in Williams Lake many years ago. Williams Lake folks are more likely to say they are from the Cariboo, thinking the Heartlands was the restaurant at the Cariboo Friendship Society.

Mark Leiren-Young was a reporter for the Williams Lake Tribune, the twice weekly paper, like most in BC operated by Mr. Black, not Sir Black, another guy who made his start with The Tribune when his Dad retired and handed over the keys to the paper and Cariboo Press.

The story below that I post here has little to do with Williams Lake other than they have a ReformaTories MP like much of Rural BC. I have often wondered what it is about the Cariboo and why they keep electing Tories. We had Lorne Greenaway, a popular vet that held the job a couple of terms then was replaced with a guy named Dave Worthy a Mulroney Tory, many thought was not up to the job. We did not do much better in 1993 when we sent a stressed out United Church Rev. from Vancouver's Westend, Philip Mayfield a member of Preston's anti-gay posse. Now it is some no name backbencher, What's his name.

Before I was diverted above, I meant to point you to this article, Canada's Stupid Party

I used to worry about Stephen Harper's ReformaTories because I thought they were mean-spirited, narrow-minded, ideologues who'd make Brian Mulroney look like Tommy Douglas. But in the last few weeks, I've developed a new reason to worry.

I'm starting to suspect that they're stupid. And I'm not just talking about Gurmant Grewal having to take "stress leave" because he forgot to call 1.800. GOFedex. I think the stupidity runs deeper than that. So I decided to ask an expert. - Mark Leiren-Young, June 10, 2005, The

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