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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Harper falls off High Wire Act

The latest Mustel poll in BC indicates the federal Conservative party is in free fall. They have gone from 36% support one year ago to 22% or 7 points behind the NDP. The Liberals seemed to have benefited the most from the Conservatives fall.

The undoing of the Conservative party and leader Stephen Harper has everything to do with their intolerance for human rights, their handling of the Grewal tapes and their lack of an agenda other than to oppose everything.

They voted against increased funding for housing, for urban transport, for improving the environment for the simple reason they wanted to defeat the government. Defeat a government that will simply provide another government largely the same. Canadians have continually stated that they want our Members of Parliament to make it work.

77% of Canadians have said they want Parliament to decide the same-sex marriage law. Here again the Conservatives have failed to meet the test of judgment and to accept the will of Canadians. They have fought to delay the vote. Their opposition to the law is legitimate, their refusal to support a vote is not.

Yesterday Harper attempted his latest high wire act. He fell off. Harper declared the Same-sex law that is expected to be passed today lacks legitimacy because the majority of federalist MPs will be voting against it. This is red herring. The majority of MPs will vote for same-sex marriage. Some of those will be the Bloc from Quebec. They will be voting to support same-sex marriage in part because the vast majority of the people of Quebec support same-sex marriage.

Do Conservatives have desire to be government one day? Do they have a desire to govern for all of Canada? They have repeatedly displayed a desire to impose their views, rather than to listen to Canadians.

One Canadian leader has listened, has been working to make Parliament work and has succeeded where Harper and to some extent Paul Martin have failed. Jack Layton has grown in his job and Canadians are benefiting.

For more on Stephen Harper, Conservatives, same-sex, gay, and or equal marriage, Belinda Stronach, Evangelicals, Christian Right, Bishop Henry, James Dobson, Jack Layton, Paul Martin use the Technorati search box here and at Queer Thoughts.

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