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Friday, June 17, 2005

Republican values needed in BC?

The Environment

Choose between a Republican and a Liberal

Arnie or Gordo (Sierra Club of Canada photo)

Gordon Campbell, BC liberal leader and Premier named his cabinet today and I can give him some good marks for establishing the Ministry of Environment. That was a good step. The other plus from a the hard working side of things, Barry Penner has finally made it to cabinet. Now Barry is a hard working and nice guy. If any in the Liberal bunch deserved a shot at cabinet it was Barry Penner.

All that said, Barry did vote in favour of everything Gordo did. Judie Steeves, a columnist for the Kelowna Capital News has a good take on the Ministry of Environment being brought back and some questions. Like Judy, I am pleased in this first step by Campbell, and will have more to say later.

To have a look at the differences between BC and California on Environmental leadership check this out. Penner has his work cut out for himself.

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