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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Liberals can have Cake and eat it too

Liberals sure do know how to get what they want. I really do marvel at how well they have played this one out...

A Liberal MP opposing same-sex marriage is ticked off with Conservative MP Toews for agreeing to a deal that will see the same-sex marriage bill go before the House on June 16. "There's a whole lot of us that don't support fast-tracking it," Liberal MP Pat O'Brien told CTV News.
"I don't know why they agreed to do it," O'Brien said, adding, "Martin had promised him the bill would get a full airing in committee after he threatened to quit the party on the issue."

So it looks like Martin has played his cards right on this issue. He or someone in the Liberal gang has moved this along well. First Martin, needing every vote he has to stay in power, promises those against same-sex marriage that they can have full public hearings on the bill. Then it goes to committee and the Liberals still needing every vote they can get, this time from the NDP, agree to get the bill before the house for a vote. They set June 9 as the date and the trap was set.

Toews one of the Conservative MP's on the committee knows the game is up but needs to keep all those Evangelical and hard line Catholic folks onside. He has to look like he has done everything he can to delay the bill passing. With the Liberals demand to go back to the house with the Bill C38 June 9, Toews agrees to June 16 return to the House of Commons.

Now of course Toews has what the Conservatives need, they can blame the Liberals and at the same time manage to be seen fighting the Bill all the way. The Conservatives really want to get the focus of the voters on Liberal scandals and away from the Conservatives Same-sex marriage position.

Liberal MP Pat O'Brien also wins. He has a new enemy, blaming the Conservatives if the same-sex marriage bill wins because Toews agreed to the June 16 return to the House of Commons.

You have to hand it to the Liberals, they played this well. Don't get me wrong, I want Bill C38 passed. Liberals can have Cake and eat it too and Harper thinks he can win an election.

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