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Friday, June 17, 2005

If I were a Conservative! (Just Kidding)

The Conservatives hope to gain support from the social conservatives and church activists in the fight against equal, same-sex or gay marriage.

Conservatives seem to prefer a delay over passing the legislation. A delay means they can still hold out for devine intervention.

Still this is an overall loser for the Tories. They are seen for what they are and efforts to remake Harper over the summer will do little to soften public opinion of their social conservative side.

Human rights supporters have much to fear here.

The Liberals on the other hand are not helping things. They have the power to bring on the debate. I am surprised the Conservatives have not really thought it out here.
If I was not me but a Conservative, perhaps the action would look like this...
If the Liberal MPs opposed to same-sex marriage are saying they won't support the NDP Budget amendment if the same-sex bill is passed, the Tories could bring down the government on a money bill.

Perhaps the Tories do not want an election after all. Better wait for the new haircut, the new suits and the beauitful young looking female assistant to join the team. They will need to replace Belinda to have any shot at forming a minority government.

Minority government as it appears the next election will not change much. Look for an NDP Liberal minority, meaning voters wanting to keep the Conservatives out can vote for the NDP or Liberal candidate. Looking at the progressive things being done in government, it would appear that Jack Layton is one federal leader that can be proud, leading to more seats for the NDP if he can get the message out to people.

Still Harper needs a refit, redo. Party insiders are quoted as saying the leader can't even project warmth with his most dedicated employees. He routinely neglects to say good morning to staff in his office - a tiny but demoralizing discourtesy.

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