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Monday, June 06, 2005

Peopleless bloggers

I am always a little suspicious of those that want to blog their opinions or send letters to the editor unsigned. It can be clear sometimes why someone needs to "hide" their identity. I have worked with many people in my life that have for a variety of reasons needed to do so.

Yet when we get into blogging, it seems we should know something about you, why you hold your opinions, why you need to express your views. It can be especially bad when bloggers receive anonymous mean-spirited posts on their blogs. I have received few here and at Queer Thoughts or are the victims of such postings on a "peopleless blog".

I have chosen to continue to allow people to post here anonymously, so as not to discourage those that really need to can. I can always delete comments from those that go way too far. It would be good to see some more of you out there to take the leap to being you and not an invisible

A good blogger in Ottawa, a middle of the road fiscal conservative, social progressive has a different view...
"I've decided to remove the blogrolls from Mindless in Ottawa that include Anon Bloggers. I find the vast majority of "NonAnon" Blogging Tory and Progressive Blogger sites to be excellent resources."

Bloggers provide a great opportunity to share ideas, thoughts and even question the mainstream media reporting on the events of our day. Some like me have strong opinions. It would be good to know just who the heck you are and what is it you are hoping to achieve in this.