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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Saint Belinda saw it coming ...

What have we been saying here From the Heartlands for months now? Canadians do not trust the Conservatives enough on social issues and American relations.

We as a nation may find Harper is personally more honest but we prefer Paul Martin. That's true, we believe he would be more honest and who couldn't be more honest than Paul Martin. This attribute however holds little sway when choosing a political party or leader.

Conservative party positions on same-sex marriage, abortion, and the death penalty are hurting Tories big time and Belinda Stronach is more proof of this. These Tory policies play well in Saskatchewan and Alberta and parts of Rural BC and Atlantic Canada but don't cut it in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

the Leger poll reported in the Globe and Mail today says...

When respondents were asked whether they were "afraid" of Mr. Harper's positions on "abortion, the death penalty and same-sex marriage," 39 per cent said yes and 43 per cent said no. The remaining 18 per cent said they did not know or declined to answer.

The response was almost evenly split when voters were asked whether they were "afraid" of Mr. Harper's "pro-American positions," with 41 per cent saying yes and 42 per cent saying no. The other 17 per cent were undecided or declined to answer.

Urban Canada sees the Conservatives stuck in the 1960's of their parents "dreaming of Stanfield" days. A time when big change began in Canadian social morals. As a dynamic new Liberal leader Trudeau leads a charge to decriminalize homosexuality and abortion and end capital punishment, the conservatives remained rooted in the past. The one Conservative that won it all for them was in fact supportive of gay rights, abortion rights and anti-death penalty. You know who he is, Brian Mulroney.

That Conservative leader was spurned by today's conservatives yet he was trusted by Canadians when he was elected. It seems Saint Belinda understood this, gave it a good try and decided it was time to move on and UP.

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