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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

James Scores big with Voters in Debate!

Poll: Carole James’ golden hour

The has reported on the first poll out on the debate. Looks like Carole James has scored big time. The poll was commissioned by TV and Canwest. Lets see Canwest's report on this poll!

NDP leader Carole James won the most praise after last night’s leadershipdebate, according to participants in an Ipsos-Reid instant poll, though slightly more respondents thought no one won:

32 per cent named no clear winner,
31 per cent named Carole James the winner,
23 per cent named Gordon Campbell,
12 per cent named Adriane Carr.

If those results were to translate into popular support, it would be a hugeboost for the New Democrats at the expense of the BC Liberals. Carr’s debate approval was about equal to Green Party support. The Ipsos-Reid poll was commissioned by CanWest newspapers and TV stations.

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