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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

10 Questions for the Premier Campbell tonight

10 Questions for the Premier

1. Gaming: Full speed ahead?

In opposition the Liberals called it stealing for the poor and the vulnerable. In Government they have tripled the number of slot machines, almost doubled revenue, and have introduced Internet gaming, the only Canadian government to do so.

2. Fish Farming: How much, how safe?

The Liberals received gobs of cash from the Fish farm industry in the last election and since. The Liberals rejected scientific evidence showing the harm being caused by lice created by the fish farms on wild salmon. The Liberals also wrote off $2 million in fines to fish farms. Judith Reid former Highways Minister is married to a fish farm owner.

3. Labour relations: New strike rules?

The Fraser Institute is calling for the use of scab labour, an end to succession rights for meaning if a company is sold or privatized, the employees start from zero to negotiate a new contract.

4. Public service: More layoffs, privatization?

The Liberals agenda includes further privatized of Liquor stores, ICBC, BC Hydro and BC Ferries.

5. ICBC: Shut it down?

They have wanted to do this for some time. Again motivation is the financial support they are receiving from the Insurance business. Private Insurance is creeping into BC, Under the Liberals, more will come.

6. Emergency wards: Any fix?

Emergency wards are in terrible shape. Here in Kelowna we have people in beds in the hallways everyday because there is no bed for them. Four years ago the people in the Hallways were staff going to Patients rooms, today the patients are in the hallways as well.

7. Child protection: Further cuts?

Can they cut more? They have devastated Child protection in this province. We have learned that 18 more staff will be cut in Southern Vancouver Island. The Ministry has gone through one major restructuring that was such a disaster they stopped and now they are in the middle of another. Who has time to look after kids when this is going on.

8. Muzzle independent Legislative watchdog agencies?

The Liberals cut the funds to the Auditor General and the Privacy commissioner and eliminated the Human Rights Tribunal, Child Advocate commissioner and more.

9. Welfare: Back to "workfare"?

That's coming for sure.

10. "The most business-friendly jurisdiction": Impact on nature, workers?

New labour laws will make it harder for employees to join or even remain in a Union. Employment standards have been slashed and offices closed. Even if you wanted to file a complaint in BC today you have little access to the process. If you are 12 you can be put to work in BC. So much for child labour.

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