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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Black or White, Belinda is still a cat

Mouseland, are we aghast at the falling from Tory grace of Belinda? Are we delighted that Belinda is Liberal?

It is likely many have all been caught up in the drama of Parliament this week. Federal election now or soon. Budget now or never. Black vs white.

Me, I don't really care what a rich person like Belinda does. Last week the Conservatives were saying she was great and now she is a creep. Reverse the story for the Liberals.

She is a rich cat. Cats be they white or black are still cats. Pick between them and you still elect a Cat.

The "Mouseland" story is a small sample of the wit and humour many people knew Tommy Douglas for. To see and listen to Tommy in person was a rare treat. Tommy was a most accomplished orator and he provides in mouseland why we need to elect more mice and fewer cats.

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