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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Mayencourt - What more can we say?

Did any of you out there catch the Mayencourt - Stevenson debate on Rafe Mair's show last week. Mayencourt sounded disorganized and gave a pretty weak defence of his rumble in the alley with a street person. Mayencourt continued to accuse Stevenson of not knowing what had happened.

Seems Stevenson knew and it came out in an all candidates forum in Vancouver-Burrard.

We learned that some of Vancouver's finest, members of the Vancouver Fire Department were returning to the firehall when they came across Mayencourt in an alley in a shouting match with a street person. The fire fighters stopped and said they seperated the two, Mayencourt then put his hand on the the street persons shoulder, resulting in the "slap" to the face.

Mayencourt has lost all sense of direction these days. When elected we all hoped he would be a supporter of the Westend community. Instead he became the the protector and advocate of the million dollar condo dwellers hugging the water.

It is Ironic Mayencourt established his MLA office in the library building given Lorne voted to cut school librairies, cancelled text book expenditures, delayed the new school for the riding that Stevenson had fought for when he was the MLA and don't get me started on his record of missed opportunities to support the gay communities. He was handed a great opportunity and choose instead to stay with Gordo performing one of the best political rimming jobs I can remember.

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