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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sindi is "MIA"

Local Kelowna Liberal candidate, Sindi Hawkins has made it clear, she would rather eat a can of worms than debate Hokazono in front of "real" people. Accountability to the people of Kelowna is one of Hawkins weak points. She hid out during the Coquihalla Highway sell off, refused to defend the sell off at community meetings called to stop the privatization of the highway. In fact she supported full page government advertising to convince us it would be a good deal for Kelowna.

In the end her silence and support of the Campbell Liberals attempt to sell off our highway cost us $6 million. That money could have replaced the 88 long-term care beds she allowed the Interior Health Authority to cut since she became Minister of Health Planning.
NDP opponent Nicki Hokazono says the Liberal candidates are dodging public forums. “It clearly has happened here. Sindi made it clear from the beginning her time was better spent somewhere else. Her actions have spoken volumes. It’s important the public hold candidates accountable and have an opportunity to meet them at public forums.” - Kelowna Daily Courier, May 14, 2005

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