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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Campbell will have to calm down

Charlie Smith, tells it like it is in the Georgia Straight these days.
"In the political backrooms, the B.C. Liberals know that this election was much closer than the seat count indicated. The conventional political wisdom is that the Green party attracts two NDP voters for every one of the party’s right-of-centre supporters. If this were the case in the recent B.C. election, the Greens cost the NDP seven seats, including Burquitlam, Burnaby North, Burnaby-Willingdon, Maple Ridge-Mission, Oak Bay Gordon Head, Cariboo North (he means Cariboo South), and Vancouver-Burrard. If there was no Green party, the NDP might have won the election."

No humility on election night was more for BC Liberal supporters who felt collectivly that they had lost the election, and in many ways they did. Gordon Campbell was attempting to cheer them up. 33+ NDP MLAs will keep him on his toes.

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