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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"tell such a clear falsehood"

Rafe Mair is a tough guy. He says it the way he thinks. He voted for Gordon Campbell in 2001. Today he has laid out why he won't vote for Campbell or the BC Liberals this time out. He pulls no punches ...

"I didn’t expect you to ignore the Auditor-General’s report and the report of the public servants in the Finance department, made available to you immediately after the election, demonstrating that the NDP left a surplus of $1.57 billion …and since you knew that, I must point out to you that when you said “it was worse than we thought” and the province is in “a serious deficit” that you would tell such a clear falsehood.

Moreover, when you gave the well-off, a $2 billion tax break on your first day in office, you gave the NDP surplus to the likes of me, not the homeless, the sick, the elderly in need of a long term bed or to those who badly need a helping hand." - Rafe Mair, May 11, 2005

"I’m just left with this thought, leader against leader Carole James wins hands down. And I wouldn’t have dared say that just a few weeks ago.My sense of it is that this one ain’t over yet!" - Rafe Mair, May 9, 2005

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