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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Recount them all - BC Liberals add Skeena

Thanks be given for a lack of hanging chads.

All votes in BC can be accounted for in that they are all paper ballots. No machine counting, no computer held or recorded votes. A simple paper ballot and a few sets of eyes determine the voters intentions.

We will have five recounts in this election.

Recounts were triggered automatically because the results were so close in Vancouver-Burrard and Cariboo South.

Recounts will also take place in Saanich South, Cariboo North and Skeena. All recounts have been requested by the Liberals.

Recounts do not change things much if the margin of victory is over 100 votes. What is a potential factor is the absentee votes in these ridings. Rumours are flying that 1800 absentee votes were cast in Vancouver Burrard. Cariboo South will have many fewer absentee ballots as the ridings population is much smaller.

The Liberals may see changes in Cariboo South and or Vancouver Burrard where recounts are automatic due to the closeness of the election there though numbers likely won't change much as a result of a recount or the absentee ballots.

The other three should remain NDP.

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