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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Basi court June 21 and an arraignment on June 29

He was the highest ranking (political ranking) Ministerial Assistant in the BC Liberal government. Want to meet with then Minister of Finance Gary (drop the Farrell) Collins, see Basi. What, you are a Cabinet Minister, the answer remains, see Basi!

David Basi was privy to all government files. He was one of several back room boys that controlled the government. MLA's and Ministers learned of government plans after the decisions were made.

Basi has a hearing on June 29. This case involves production of marijuana for the purposes of trafficking. Basi is also facing charges relating to a police raid at the B.C. legislature in December 2003 where he and Bob Virk, his brother inlaw are charged with accepting benefits, breach of trust of a public official and fraud in connection with the BC Rail deal. The trial begins June 21, 2005.


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