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Monday, May 16, 2005

Liberals offer Hush Money

Why has this miossed the provincial news? The Interior Health Authority has managed in less than three weeks to turn a first rate pathology in house service into a thrid rate mail in service.

In a nutshell, the IHA has contracted with Lab Corp of America to diagnose "tissue samples" mailed to them and then to send results back to Doctors in Kelowna. It was supposed to take no more than five days. It has been almost three weeks now and many people are still waiting for the results.

The longest you would wait for this service when we had a full pathology lab service in Kelowna was 72 hours.

Now the Liberals have tried to buy off one of the pathologists with a plum job, a job they have not even created yet.

Kelowna Doc Won't Take 'Hush Money'

One of Kelowna's leading medical specialists says he won't take the government's "hush money." Doctor Gary Randhawa is a pathologist, a sub-specialist whose role, among other things, is detecting cancers.

This is nothing more than a privatization drive. For more on this issue click here and here.

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